Translation Agency “Versus” provides certified business and general document translation services in various areas. Wide experience in professional translating led us to group together in a team of expert translators. In today’s world of professional association, teamwork is highly valued category of business. Our proficiency translators ensure accurate and high quality translations with strict adherence to delivery schedules. The importance of getting the language right and accuracy of transferring messages and documentation are one of the key components in building your credibility and reputation of your company. Confidentiality is a feature we are pointing out. Count on our absolute discretion and security of your information and intellectual property.

Court Translator for English Language, Tatjana Milanovic

How we work

Certified translation is a translation of a document that is formally verified and can be used as an official document. The court interpreter issues a “legalised” certified translation of documents and guarantees that the translation is identical to the original. It is necessary to submit the original or certified copy of a document in order to obtain the certified translation of it. Court interpreter certifies translation of a document with its signature and seal.

The handover of the documents shall be as agreed between clients and our translation agency in a way that best serves clients’ needs. Documents are generally sent via electronic mail (e-mail) or by fax and delivered to you in the shortest possible time or according to mutual agreement. Other media, such as CDs, memory stick, etc. may be used as well. If you request original translations or certified translations of your documents to be delivered directly to you, Agency Versus has organized a courier service to facilitate your business. Certified translations done by our expert translators will be delivered to your address in a very short time period.

Every translation goes through comprehensive quality control:


  1. The first translator provides a draft version of translation,
  2. The second translator controls and delivers the final version,
  3. Court interpreter carries out final review and puts the seal on the certified translation.
The possibility of error is minimal!
  • Translation Services from English and into English for a wide range of documentation
  • Officially verified translations
  • Extensive experience, commitment to continuous improvement, competitive prices, new translation technologies
  • Qualified professionals, rigorous document proofreading, work and organisational commitment
  • Strict adherence to delivery deadlines
  • The urgency of delivering translation of any kind shall be paid an additional 10 – 20% on regular prices
  • The possibility of signing a Confidentiality Agreement on the protection of data that is entrusted to us
Translation Agency Versus guarantee the security of your data and the quality of provided services!