• Professional translations regular or verified carried out by expert translators and court interpreters
  • Specialised translations from / into English and many other languages
  • The official court verification of translated identity documents, certificates, diplomas
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing text
  • Typesetting
Certified translation

documents2Translations verified formally by a court interpreter include certified translations of official and legal documents such as:

  • Translation of legal documents (legal regulatory documents, contracts, agreements, certificate of residence, lawsuits, decisions, regulations, records)
  • Translation of personal documents (birth certificates / death certificates, marriage certificates, identity cards, driving license, bank account statements, transcript of grades, certificates, diplomas, academic degrees, accreditation, residence / work permits)
  • Translation of business documents and texts (excerpts from official registers, financial and audit reports, trade and sale contracts, articles of incorporation, statutes, standards, regulations, tender documentation, business plans, websites, etc…)
  • Translations of technical documentation (in obtaining certificates of state authorities)
  • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents
  • Translation of designs, MA thesis, doctorial dissertation and other documents
Translation without certification
  • Business and scientific documents
  • Technical documents
  • Literature
  • Accounting documents
  • Catalogues, flyers, promotional material
  • Insurance Policy
  • Software, websites
  • Guidelines, manuals
  • Utilities software